The 5 Seconds of Summer boys were being interviewed by Nick Grimshaw on the BBC Radio 1 on Thursday morning (07Apr16) when newsreader Tina Daheley was reading her bulletin in an adjoining room.

After she finished her report, the boys, including Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood, praised Tina for her newsreading skills and Ashton says, "I was going to say does she want to come to our show" and when she doesn't immediately respond, he adds, "You know what, it's a yes or a no answer, you don't have to..."

However, Tina did not seem excited by the pop star's offer and casually replied, "Thank you for the invite, that's very kind, maybe yeah."

Ashton continued to flirt with Tina by yelling, "Tina, don't mess with me like that" and she protests, "I'm not messing with you."

A member of the radio crew then yells in the background, "5SOS just asked you out!" and Ashton corrects her by saying, "It wasn't 5SOS, it was just me."

When Tina realises it is an invite for their concert at London's 02 Arena on Thursday night (07Apr16), she lets him down gently, saying, "Tonight?.... oh I didn't know it was tonight."

Ashton's bandmates then chime in with various sentiments including, "Love me!" and "There's a show tomorrow?" and Ashton just ends the conversation by joking, "You know what's news? I'm heartbroken."

Later in the interview Ashton referred to Tina's rejection, telling the DJ, "Tina was straight up don't ever talk to me again, I'm glad I'm on the other side of a screen," and before they left the studio he yelled, "I miss you Tina!"

Tina subsequently told Nick that her Twitter account was going wild from the band's fans over her rejection, but she already has plans for that evening. She also tweeted Ashton, writing, "@Ashton5SOS Sorry, I'm busy tonight!"