The star played Jeff Skiles, Tom Hanks' co-pilot, in the movie about Captain Chesley Sullenberger's 'Miracle on the Hudson' plane landing in 2009 and its aftermath, and he wanted to take lessons during the shoot to both obtain his pilot's licence and look like he knew what he was doing in the film.

"When I was doing this movie I said, 'Hey, I might as well go get my pilot's licence, do a little preparation for the movie', so I got into the cockpit and had some scary moments," he told U.S. show Live! with Kelly on Monday (14Nov16).

"You just go in there and go, 'I'll take that plane', and you go out. The guy sits in the seat with you and... you're up in the air."

Eckhart explains he feels pretty confident with his skills, but he had a difficult time learning from his instructor because he could not understand him.

"He mumbled," he continued. "He told me how to do it, like the landing and the other stuff and he mumbled. I couldn't understand a word he said. So the entire time we're up there doing our lesson and I had no idea what the guy was saying, which was not good."

And although he enjoys being in the pilot's seat, he is not ready to fly solo.

"I'm almost there, but I can't really get to the place where I would be up in a plane alone with myself," he added.

That said, he's confident he's a better pilot than co-star Hanks.

"Tom and I went up in the simulator together and Tom had a little bit harder time...," he smiled. "It's very, very difficult, even to get the pedals right and get the plane to go straight. When I'm going on the runway my plane goes (sideways)."