Aaron Eckhart wants Miles Teller to ''do well''.

The 48-year-old actor portrays legendary boxing trainer Kevin Rooney in 'Bleed For This' opposite the 29-year-old star as grappler Vinny Pazienza, and he wants to try and prevent his friend from the ''mistakes'' he made when he was starting out his career.

Asked if he felt somewhat paternal to the younger star - with whom he also worked in Miles' first feature film 'Rabbit Hole' in 2010 - Aaron said: ''I do. I'm constantly talking to him about mistakes I made, because I want him to do well. I don't want him to fall into the traps I fell into.''

The 'Sully' star doesn't think his advice is perfect though, as he admits he spent ''20 years'' of his acting career making ''mistakes''.

He continued: ''I'm 48. For 20 years I've made mistakes, and recovered from mistakes. I've asked myself tough questions. It goes back to balls. I've just tried to be a better person, and not take everything so seriously. Because I'm very sensitive.''

But Aaron is still learning, and has even asked his fellow actors for advice on how to ''handle certain things'' in order to prevent himself from damaging his own career.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Aaron said: ''In this business, with the fame and money, there are traps. You can start believing things about yourself that won't do you any good. And there are conversations nobody had with me that I wish they had. So, on 'Sully', I took the chance to ask Tom [Hanks] - top pro - how he handles certain things. Because if you get those things wrong, it damages a career.''