Aaron Taylor-Johnson ''constantly'' wants to ''give up'' his acting career.

The 26-year-old actor, who has daughters Wylda, six, and Romy, four, with his wife Sam, gets ''more fulfilment'' from fatherhood than he does from starring in movies, and he has been contemplating quitting the entertainment industry for a while.

Speaking about his job to Mr Porter magazine, the 'Nocturnal Animals' star - who won the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture gong at this year's Golden Globe Awards - said: ''I get more fulfilment from being a father than I do from being an actor. I'm still constantly wanting to give it up.''

And the dark-haired hunk has hinted he struggles to deal with the fame because he ''can't handle'' the attention he gets, especially when he has to go on stage to pick up an accolade, because he prefers to have a ''calm'' life.

He explained: ''I'm not ungrateful, nor is this spiteful. It's just that I can't handle all the attention.

''I like my world to be calm.

''When you deal with this lifestyle [it can drive you crazy]. That's why I see half of my friends go off the rails. You can really burn it at both ends, get into drink and drugs.''

And Aaron - who married the 50-year-old filmmaker and photographer in 2012 after they met three years earlier - is not bothered by the 24-year age gap between him and his partner, and is happy he feels ''secure and loved and safe'' with the blonde beauty by his side.

Speaking about his relationship, he said: ''I don't really analyse our relationship. I just know that it works. I just feel secure and loved and safe. We have this very deep connection. We're just in synch.

''[Sam] is one of the strongest, most independent women I know. A role model.''