Aaron Paul's wife Lauren Parsekian says ''no one'' could have prepared her for motherhood.

The 31-year-old film director adores her daughter Story Annabelle, three months - who she shares with the 'Breaking Bad' star - and has paid tribute to her ''gift''.

She shared: ''My dearest Story, My tiny lady. My cheeky queen. This is my first Mother's Day. You, my love, made me a mother. What a gift! No one could have prepared me for the magic I now get to experience on a daily basis,'' she continued. ''Magic: It's the word I use most often when I describe you and what it's like to be your mama ...

''When your dad placed you on my chest and I cupped your naked little bum in my hands, you tilted your head back and looked me straight in my eyes. The way you looked at me made me feel like we've know each other a thousand lifetimes. No words will ever be able to explain what happened to my heart in that moment.''

And Lauren has urged her little one to ''always look to the stars'' and keep her ''heart open''.

She wrote on her website mom.me: ''I smell the top of your head and feel glitter down my spine. I take your tiny fingers and brush them across my cheek. You have my attention, my love ... [You're the] most splendid, spellbinding thing. Always look to the stars, my love. They will keep your heart open and your mind alive.''