The 33-year-old hip hop star and former chef, real name Arian Asllani, is the star of F**k, That's Delicious, a culinary series that follows him sampling different dishes while on tour.

F**k, That's Delicious has been airing on various Viceland channels around the world, however the marketing campaign accompanying its debut on the network's Australian affiliate, SBS Viceland has been banned by bosses at Australia's Advertising Standards Board (ASB).

The campaign featured billboards emblazoned with the show's title with only the the second letter (u) of the first word starred out.

Following a complaint from a member of the public that children would be able to see and understand the explicit language on the posters, ASB executives ruled the advertisements should be banned.

In their ruling ASB boardmembers stated that in the posters, "The asterisks did not obscure the meaning of the word, and in the context it was clear what the word was meant to be."

They added that the word "f**k" was still considered too offensive to many to be used in such a broad campaign that would be seen by children and concluded that, "the advertisement did use strong, obscene or inappropriate language."

SBS Viceland bosses had argued that as the word was used as a general expression rather than in an aggressive or sexual manner, and it was in keeping with Action's onscreen persona, the posters should be allowed.

Following the ASB's decision SBS Viceland removed the offending adverts.

The show's second season is due to begin airing in the U.S. next month (Jan17).