The rock legend has a monthly residency at New York's Madison Square Garden and fellow Big Apple native Action Bronson join him at the fabled venue before one of Joel's upcoming concerts.

During an appearance on New York's WFAN radio station on Tuesday (05Apr16), Action revealed sampling Joel's Zanzibar hit on his track Brand New Car has landed him tickets to the music icon's concert bill.

"I love Billy Joel," he told the hosts of the Boomer and Carton Show. "I'm actually going to be at his concert. He reached out recently and asked me to perform with him...That's one of my favorite musicians alive. It will be in May, I imagine, I'm going to meet him in April."

Action admits even he is surprised to have a fan in Joel, adding, "On my album I used a sample of his and had to write a handwritten letter to him to get it cleared. Apparently he's taken an affinity to me."

Meanwhile, the heavyweight hip-hop star also used the interview to distance himself from his "dumb" early songs, one of which caused him to recently be removed from the line up for a concert at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Members of the student body took issue with Action headlining the school's annual Spring Fling gig, due to his 2011 track Consensual Rape, in which he raps about drugging and raping a woman, and he was dropped from the bill on Thursday (31Mar16).

Action subsequently issued an apology for any offence caused by his early music, insisting he was simply telling a fictional story on the controversial song. He also made it clear he thinks any act of violence against women is "disgusting", and now, the Mr. Wonderful rapper has opened up further about his regret over the song's recording.

"I didn't know I was going to be famous...," he explained of the "dumb s**t" he used to rap about. "This was from 2011. I never performed the song one time. I don't want to seem like the bad guy because I'm not that person. I don't ever want my name to be associated with the things that have been said. It's disgusting. I have kids, man."