Adam Lambert feels ''lucky'' to have such a supportive family.

The 37-year-old singer didn't find fame until he appeared on 'American Idol' in 2009 and is thankful he had the time and space to enjoy relationships and figure out who he really way before he became a household name.

He told Hunger Magazine: ''I was lucky enough to grow up in a really open family; they were really supportive of me when I came out at 18. Then I moved to LA and I became an adult and had my share of relationships and adventures and over the next ten years I had my own personal journey of identity and relationships. By the time I became a public figure I had already had 10 years to decide the man I wanted to be.''

The 'New Eyes' singer has been hard at work on his upcoming album 'Velvet' and admitted he is feeling much more ''calm'' than usual about the record because he has trusted his instincts.

He said: ''I look back on the last 10 years and in the past I've been confident but a lot more apprehensive when bringing out an album, but this time I'm just relieved and really calm about it.

''I believe in the music so much, I feel like I've followed my instincts and my intuition more than I ever have. Overall the album has more of an organic feel and you can hear all the instruments in it - I wanted to get on stage with a four-piece band and play.

''It's not dependent on computerised sounds, there's a lot more instruments going on.''

Away from his solo material, Adam also performs with Queen and still finds their shows ''super fulfilling''.

He said: ''Once you figure out who is Queen - you realise they've been in your pop culture subconscious the whole time.

''They're one of those bands that their songs are so iconic that you might not know anything about them but you know the damn song!

''My favourite thing [about working with Queen] is collaborating and putting these concerts together and creating on stage - it's super fulfilling and exciting.''