Adam Levine believes parents need to take care of themselves in order to be able to look after their kids.

'The Voice' coach has two daughters, 19-month-old Dusty and two-month-old Gio, with his model wife Behati Prinsloo, and although he accepts that the girls need to be the couple's priority he insists that it's important to make time to ensure everything is good in your relationship.

Adam, 39, explained to E! News: ''I call it like the A-Team. The A-Team has to be fresh, functional, relaxed and happy to deal with the B-Team, which is your children. A-Team is your other person, this is my girl ... we have to be ready for you. If we're not ready for you, the A-Team is not ready for the B-Team, we have problems, no one's going to have any fun.''

The Maroon 5 frontman admitted that as his daughters are so young, that as a father he does not feel he is required to do too much yet.

Adam said: ''Mine are so fresh out the box, mine don't do that much yet. I think that for me it's like, be a parent every single chance you get. As soon as I can be a parent at any time during the day I do it. And that's kind of like as a dad too, you gotta be there, that's a big thing, being around all the time.''

Meanwhile, the 'Sugar' singer recently revealed he would not want to judge 'The Voice Kids' because he does not endorse the idea of young children taking part in TV singing competitions.

Adam said: ''I don't know if I fully support the idea of having little kids be on TV singing. I never have. I think you should get to grow up a little bit, a little bit. I'm talking like a little bit before teens.

''Always encourage people's, your kids', passions maybe just not throw them on TV the first chance you get ... I don't want to be overprotective. I think maybe not literally, like, six. That's kind of where I'm thinking, where I draw the line. Maybe like 12 first.''