Actor Adam Scott was left with a bacteria infection after filming Piranha 3D in Arizona.

The Aviator star filmed most of the movie in Lake Havasu and subsequently developed a skin rash on his stomach.

He says, "I was in the water quite a bit and after a few days, I started itching, my body started itching. I was just uncomfortable generally, and I had this rash, like, all over my body.

"I said, 'I think I might have bed bugs, I don't know what this is,' and I lifted up my shirt and he just said, 'Oh you've been in the lake, that's the bacteria from the lake.' So I started thinking about all the sun burnt, drunk teenagers in the lake... and I just figured there was some sort of human bacteria under my skin."

Ironically, the film was shot on the same stretch of water where Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee filmed their sex tape.