Adele was in ''tears'' when she watched Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' new music video for their track 'Downtown'.

The 27-year-old singer has admitted she loves the hip-hop duo's new release and was in hysterics when she first saw the accompanying video because it was so funny.

She said: ''The dancing! The marching! The mopeds! The chariots! You have to give it to that video - how ridiculous it is.

''It played a lot with hip hop culture - and I love hip hop culture, I love the bigness, the grandness, the showing-off-ness of it, I appreciate it and I revel in it.

''There's something about these guys mocking the extravagance of [the culture] that I really responded to. It really made me laugh - I was in tears watching it.

''And actually I think you can see Macklemore p***ing himself laughing at the end.''

However, she confessed her favourite video is one created for electronic musician James Blake's cover of Joni Mitchell's song 'Case Of You' because it touches her emotionally.

She explained to The Observer magazine: ''My favourite video of all time is actually for James Blake's 'A Case Of You', the one that has Rebecca Hall in it - I can't watch it without my entire body shaking.''