Adriana Lima has vowed to not take her clothes off anymore for an ''empty cause''.

The Victoria's Secret model has happily posed in minimal clothing in the past but insists she won't be doing that anymore as she wants to help other women feel more confident in themselves.

She wrote on Instagram: ''I had received a call for the possibility of filming a sexy video of me to be posted and shared in social media. Even though I have done many of this type, something had changed in me, when a friend approached me to share that she was unhappy with her body, then it made me think.... that everyday in my life, I wake up thinking, how do I look? Was I going to be accepted in my job?

''And in that moment I realised that majority of woman probably wake up every morning trying to fit in a stereotype that society/socialmedia/fashion etc imposed.... i thought that's not a way of living and beyond that.... that's not physically and mentally healthy, so I decided to make that change..... I will not take of my clothes anymore for a empty cause..... #Embraceyouself #natureisbeautiful #naturalissexy #LOVEYOU (sic)''

And the 36-year-old model admits her job can put a lot of pressure on her to make sure she looks a certain way.

She added: ''My job puts me in such big pressure to look a certain way. I was thinking, how can we [women] have to carry so much..... I am tired of the impositions, we 'as [women]' can't be continuing living in a world with such superficial values, it's not fair for us, to behave, to look......I want to change it, on the name of my grandma, my mother, and all her ancestors that have been labeled, pressured, misunderstood. And has to live according to Society... I will make that change... I will start with me. (sic)''