Adriana Lima would support her daughters if they wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a model.

The Victoria's Secret Angel - who has Valentina, seven, and Sienna, five, with her ex-husband Marko Jarić - says one of her daughters has already taken an interest in fashion but she doesn't want to reveal which one as she doesn't want to put unnecessary pressure on her.

She said: ''I have one possible candidate [for modelling]. I will not name her, because I don't know, she may change her mind and I don't want her to have pressure from everyone out there, OK? So, there is a possibility and whatever is her decision I will be right there, supportive.''

And Adriana is keen to be a good role model for her two girls and teach them the importance of being themselves.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''I feel the most beautiful when I'm myself, expressing my feelings. If I put on a red lipstick, because I love a red lipstick just because, I don't have an explanation for that. That's when I feel beautiful. If I don't want to use anything, I don't want to use anything.''

Meanwhile, Adriana previously revealed she feels pleased about being able to represent ''mature women'' in the fashion industry.

The 36-year-old star said: ''These days, women are ageing [in] such a more beautiful way. I'm here representing mature women with Victoria's Secret, so there is no pressure at all [to look good]. I believe that if I would go back to my younger times doing Victoria's Secret, I feel more beautiful right now.''