Agyness Deyn admits modelling ''never felt like reality'' to her.

The 34-year-old star has made the transition from modelling to acting during the course of her career, and Agyness has admitted that there are some marked differences between the two professions.

She explained: ''When I stopped modelling, everyone was like, 'Are you f***ing crazy?'

''I wanted to differentiate what I wanted to do. It wasn't about money and it wasn't about profile, it was about fulfilment and learning something and being afraid and getting excited.

''The thing about being a model is, you can't change the way you look. So then you just have to work hard, show up on time, look healthy, not have been out all night, not be a t*** and be nice - but there are so many other variables to being an actor.

''The way you look is one part but there's your innate soul quality plus the creative embellishment on top. You just follow your instincts and put the pieces together. It enables you to be a real person and modelling never felt like reality.''

Agyness made a quiet start to life as an actress, but she admits that her appearance in the film adaptation of 'Sunset Song' has proven to be a turning point.

Now, Agyness now looks back on her lean years in the business with fondness.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''I did have a quiet start, but I learnt so much about the craft and myself.

''My mum always said, you can walk away from anything and feel OK if you've put in 1,000 per cent. If I prepare and learn and listen and watch and be this sponge, it might be OK. So far, so good.''