Music mogul Alan Mcgee is back in business with a new independent record label.

The talent spotter-turned-executive famously formed Creation Records, which boasted a roster of bands including Oasis and Primal Scream before closing in 1999, as well as his post-Creation project Poptones, which he shut down in 2007 due to financial issues.

However, MCGee is now making a comeback by forming a new independent label called 359 Music, which is backed by Cherry Red Records and already boasts 20 bands on the books.

He says of the project, "Recently I found myself reinvigorated by new music again after being five years away from music living in rural Wales, and... there has been much talk about how I will return to music... I realised that I didn't want to come back to music through a major music label - that's not what I want to be part of... My vision for 359 Music is a launch pad for new talent and some ignored older talent...

"There is no agenda of 'let's be the biggest like Creation Records' - if in five years' time people who I respect and who love music can turn round to me and say '359 Music has put out some great music' then that to me will be success. There really needs to be an outlet for new music artists that have been shut out by the system and I hope 359 Music will be that outlet."

MCGee intends to run the label from his home in rural Wales.