Alan Mcgee believes there is a ''very strong chance'' Noel and Liam Gallagher will reunite in the next few years.

The man who discovered Oasis and signed them to his independent label Creation Records in 1993 is convinced the warring duo will reform the group by the time two years is up.

He said: ''There is a very strong chance they will get back together within the next two years. Watch what happens.''

And despite their Twitter jibes and sarcastic comments about each other, Alan doesn't think the pair really hate each other.

He added: ''It is brilliant Noel is opening the arena. Ultimately, I think Liam will be happy he is doing it. They have their public spats but at the end of the day, they are brothers. I have never heard Liam say anything really bad about Noel. He might take the p**s but it has never been anything over the line.''

Liam is gearing up to release his debut solo LP and Alan believes it will pave the way for a reunion if the album is successful.

He shared to The Sun newspaper: ''I have heard Liam's new album and it is great. For what it is worth, it's a classic. It's incredible. That has got to help when it comes to Oasis reforming because they're not going to come back unless both have equal status. Liam is going to be big, Noel is going to be big. The fact that Liam is going to come back with such a successful album weirdly helps the chances of them reforming.''