Alessandra Ambrosio underwent a Brazilian ''butt lift class'' before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 35-year-old model - who first began modelling for the lingerie giant in 2005 - has admitted she focused on getting a perkier posterior prior to stripping down to a skimpy underwear set and donning her wings for the fashion extravaganza, which took place on Wednesday (30.11.16) at the Grand Palais, in Paris, France.

Speaking about her fitness routine and preparation for her catwalk appearance, the brunette beauty said: ''I do the Brazil Butt Lift class.''

However, the Brazilian star believes her body is in the best shape it has ever been in for the past 10 years.

She explained: ''I think I'm in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, but it takes a bigger toll - I get back pain.''

And fellow Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge - who acquired her wings in 2010 - has revealed she attended an athletic class to help her get in shape, similar to Alessandra.

The 31-year-old catwalk icon - who has four-year-old daughter Dixie with her husband Caleb Followill - said: ''I do Ballet Beautiful all year round, but amp it up for the show.''

Adriana Lima has revealed her fitness plan is quite intense in the run-up to gracing the catwalk, because she wants to target all areas of her body, which are on display during the show.

She said:''I do lots of jumping rope for about a month and a half before the show. I have been doing boxing for over 10 years - it's a passion of mine. Since you're not wearing much and you're on television, you have to pay attention to different areas! I do try to work out every day before the show.''

However, Jasmine Tookes - who adorned the highly-coveted Fantasy Bra during this year's annual show - has admitted she maintains her slender frame by exercising ''all year round''.

The brunette beauty told ''I stay fit all year round but start to work out a couple more times per week in the month leading up to the show. I love doing squats! I've also been doing the P90x workout - it's such a great workout. I like to work out seven days a week before the show, whereas I'd normally do three.''