Alessandra Ambrosio used to make an avocado hair mask to keep her hair healthy.

The 36-year-old supermodel has admitted when she was younger she didn't have access to certain beauty products and instead her mother, Lucilda, would make a concoction out of the fruit for Alessandra to put on her hair.

Speaking to Us Weekly about the treatment, the Victoria's Secret Angel said: ''Growing up in Brazil, we didn't have all these amazing products back then. My mom would get avocados and natural oils and mix it together and put it in my hair.''

And the catwalk icon ''loved'' the DIY beauty session because she enjoyed the quality time with her parent.

She explained: ''I loved doing it because it was mother, daughter time and I felt like I was in a salon.''

Alessandra has revealed she now carries out the procedure on her nine-year-old daughter Anja.

The star - who also has five-year-old son Noah - said: ''She likes when I do hairstyles on her. I'll put the treatment butter on her hair and then do a braid and put it up.''

Although Alessandra nourished her hair a lot when she was younger, she has hinted her career has taken its toll on her dark tresses.

She said: ''After years of blowdrying, teasing and doing all kinds of things to my hair, all I want is for it to be healthy. My friends at home have healthy hair because they don't put theirs through the stress that mine goes through. I need to have the best product to bring it back to life.

''Sometimes I have to shampoo twice in one day because of work. I know it's not good for your hair and people say it's better to shampoo every other day, but in my case since I work every day and they use so much hairspray and product on my hair, I have to wash it everyday.''