Alexander Wang's latest Adidas collaboration is designed for the ''alpha female''.

The 34-year-old designer teamed up with the sportswear giant to create a capsule shoe collection in 2017 - which went on to be an instant sell-out - and he wants their latest collection to embody powerful women who break the rules.

Speaking to Vogue, he said: ''(The Wang woman), she's an alpha female, she's out there and she isn't afraid to be herself, to speak her mind and get what she wants. She's a total non-conformist. When it comes to getting dressed, there are no rules anymore.''

The collection is inspired by production errors and factory inconsistencies and features pixelated graphics, uneven printing, and perma-wrinkled fabrics to create unique shoes.

Alexander said was ''brave'' of the footwear designers to let him have creative control of his unusual ideas.

He said: ''In fashion, we're always chasing this idea of perfection, but sometimes imperfection is just as interesting, if not more so, it was really exciting to watch Adidas, who has such a large footprint, open up to that idea. I thought was very brave of them.

''It's an exciting time to get people to talk and think differently, I think it's healthy not to get too comfortable.''

Meanwhile, Alexander recently teamed up with Magnum Icecream to create a limited edition cooler bag and unveiled the design at Cannes Film Festival alongside model Bella Hadid, who stars in the campaign images.

He said: ''I'm excited to finally be able to share the Magnum x Alexander Wang cooler bag here in Cannes, it is the result of months of incredibly hard work on a very unique project.

''As you will hopefully see, the bags were designed to capture the craft and expertise that I share with Magnum. This collaboration allows for an indulgent Magnum whenever and wherever you want.''