A crucial scene from Alexander was destroyed when director Oliver Stone carried the tape through an x-ray machine at airport customs.

Stone was forced to call on star Colin Farrell to reshoot the pivotal fight sequence in the historical epic - even though the Irish hunk was nursing a broken ankle.

But Farrell's willingness to work through the pain left Stone in awe of the actor's bravery.

The film-maker explains, "The worst catastrophe that happened to us was at the end of filming when we lost six miles of film.

"It was destroyed by an x-ray machine at an airport when we were going through customs.

"The tape represented around two and a half hours of filmed scenes. We had to reshoot a whole day of filming to recuperate a major battle scene. Colin was very brave attempting to film with a broken ankle. There is a real man."

16/01/2005 20:52