Some say Hollywood has no shame; and they may have a point after recent reports claim the story of the recently late Russian spy Alexander LITVINENKO is to be turned into a silver screen flick.

Empire Magazine has reported that Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil has snapped up the rights to the book, which is yet to be written, detailing the turbulent life of the former KGB agent.

For those unaware of the news surrounding Litvinenko, he recently died in London after being poisoned with a radioactive compound, before fingering Russian president Vladimir Putin as the man behind his assassination. Traces of the Poison are still being found across the city.

But now the rights to a film, entitled SASHA'S STORY: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A RUSSIAN SPY, have been grabbed by Depp's company, the book detailing the life of Litvinenko, to be written by Alan Cowell from the New York Times, is sure to be hurried along.

And rumours suggest Depp himself could be taking up the role as the Russian spy, as the Oscar-nominated actor has reportedly been following the story closely.

12/01/2007 11:29:43