ANGELINA JOLIE spent three days living with her snake co-stars on the set of Alexander to make sure the reptiles weren't a danger to any of the humans in the film.

The single mum was concerned for her movie son JESSIE KAMM in a scene where she had to drape the snakes around his neck, and so she decided to "become one" with the reptiles to keep him from harm.

She explains, "I liked the snakes. The snakes showed up in a truck in a bunch of different baskets and I wore them around for a few days.

"The first time I put one on my neck and I walked around for an hour I just didn't know how to act. Come day three I was reading and eating with them on me and talking to them.

"They would hang out on me. We became somehow united. It was only difficult when I had to put the snake on the little boy because suddenly the parent in me came out and I was thinking, 'What if the light bulb on the set pops and the snake gets freaked out?' Anything like that could happen."

14/11/2004 10:03