Transgender star Alexis Arquette has slammed newly-outed gay actors TR KNIGHT and Neil Patrick Harris for refusing to talk about their personal lives while attending a gay-fundraising event. The stars were at a fundraiser for a suicide prevention hotline in Hollywood, but refused to be photographed or interviewed by media covering the event. Harris arrived in the same car with boyfriend DAVID BURTKA, but the two separated upon exiting the vehicle, with Burtka sneaking inside the event to avoid being photographed. The DOOGIE HOWSER star explained to USA Today that his "highly paid public relations firm" had advised him to "lay low for awhile." On stage, Knight and Harris both made brief remarks and didn't address their personal lives, which made Arquette angry. He blasted them saying, "People like that are weak. It's pathetic." Arquette's sister PATRICIA, was more sympathetic to the star's plight adding, "It's never easy to come out. It's a very brave thing. "I was terrified for Alexis, with all the cruelty in the world, that he would be taunted, teased or beaten."