The Oscar-winning Gravity director is currently working on an untitled 1970s set family drama - his first time shooting in his native Mexico since 2001's Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Crew members were preparing for a shoot in Mexico City on Tuesday by closing off certain roads they had received permits for, but a group of men, who reportedly work for the local district, allegedly interfered with production and began removing their street cones despite protests.

The permit dispute became physically violent, leaving some of the crew hospitalised, and a statement from production alleges they were also robbed of some of their personal belongings.

"It was not a 'simple fight' like the authorities have reported, it was assault and there were people injured: two women were hit; five of our crew members were taken to the hospital; and phones, wallets and jewelry were stolen," the statement obtained by reads.

"After we filed the complaint, the response of the District was immediate and positive. We hope that the district authorities will keep their promise and help compensate for the stolen items, as well as bringing those responsible to justice.

"It is alarming that union workers from the Cuahutemoc District will attack and assault citizens that are legally doing their jobs."

Cuaron, who has also directed Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, was not present at the time.

Little is known about his latest project, but it is thought to be on a much smaller scale than Gravity and track a day in the life of a middle class family in Mexico City. Emmanuel Lubezki, who has won three consecutive cinematography Oscars for Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant, is reportedly on board as director of photography.