'Roma' won Best Film at the EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday night (10.02.19).

The Netflix drama took home the top prize at the awards ceremony at London's Royal Albert Hall, pipping other nominees 'BlacKkKlansman', 'The Favourite', 'Green Book' and 'A Star Is Born' to the post.

Taking to the stage alongside the whole of the 'Roma' cast, the film's director Alfonso Cuarón said: ''This time I'm going to read because as you can tell, I blanked and can't think what to say. I just want to thank Participant Media and Netflix for their faith and courage and I share this award with my amazing cast and crew.''

Alfonso had previously opened up about how he felt the issues dealt with in 'Roma' were more universal.

He explained: ''Roma has opened up a discussion here and in Mexico about domestic workers. Additionally, in Mexico, they have had a discussion about racism. You have to see some of the comments there, with some people making all these offensive statements about the caravan of migrants. I mean, a sector of the population is repeating pretty much the same words of Trump ...

''What I'm saying with this is that, unfortunately, some of the themes and issues dealt with in Roma are not specific to Mexico, just as they are not specific to the US. The relationship between social class and ethnicity; all of that stuff is just everywhere. When I was doing this film I was not trying to do a political film, I was trying to do film a little bit more about existence. So I hope that people, if anything, relate to the sense of existence and absurdity of existence in 'Roma.'''