Alfre Woodard loves to travel abroad because she feels most at ease with her body image when she's not on American soil.

The revered actress was born and raised in Oklahoma and has spent her 35-year career making movies and Tv programmes in the U.S., but there are still times when she still doesn't feel at home in America.

In an interview with her former Steel Magnolias co-star Queen Latifah on her new U.S. chat show, Woodard reveals that when it comes to feeling completely content with her looks, she seeks refuge in other countries.

She admits, "I'm comfortable in my skin when I'm not in America. I'm comfortable in my skin in Africa, in southern Europe; I got told I looked too much like an African when I first came to town (Los Angeles). It was a different time, it was a different beauty standard.

"In Europe, you go to the water and you take your clothes off and let your boobs fly all around and grannies are sitting around sunning themselves."