Alice Cooper and his wife have a ''life pact''.

The 71-year-old rocker has clarified recent remarks that he and Sheryl Goddard will ''go together'' when one of them eventually passes away and explained they simply spend so much time together, he expects that if some sort of accident happened, it would likely kill them both.

He told USA Today newspaper in a statement: ''We have a LIFE pact. We love life so much.

''What I was meaning was that because we're almost always together, at home and on the road, that if something did happen to either of us, we'd most likely be together at the time.

''But neither of us has a suicide pact. We have a life pact.''

But the 'School's Out' hitmaker - who has children Calico, 38, Dashiell, 34, and Sonora, 27, with his wife - joked neither of them are planning to die any time soon.

He quipped: ''Besides, I'm booked through 2028, so...''

Alice - whose real name is Vincent Furnier - caused a stir at the weekend when he claimed he and his 62-year-old wife ''couldn't live without'' one another and they would ''go together'' when one passed away.

He said: ''We've made a pact - there is no way of surviving without each other.

''I couldn't live without her.

''We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other.

''Whenever it does happen, we are going to go together.

''I've been married 43 years to the greatest girl in the world. We have never cheated on each other.''

Despite his wild past - including an addiction to cocaine - the 'Poison' rocker is in good shape thanks to playing golf and eating well and he doesn't think he will be giving up the ghost anytime soon thanks to his strong genes.

Speaking about his 96-year-old mother, Ella Mae Furnier, he said: ''She's indestructible. It must be in the genes.

''I'm 71 and weigh the same I did when I was 30.

''I've got that body that doesn't get exhausted.

''I don't smoke. I haven't had a drink for 37 years.

''I'm the only one in the band that doesn't get sick.

''I cut out sugar and I drink a lot of Diet Cokes. Maybe they are keeping me well.

''And the two-hour stage show is your aerobic.''