Alice Cooper isn't ''nostalgic at all''.

The 71-year-old singer has enjoyed a long and successful career in the music industry, but Alice has insisted his focus remains on the future, rather than reflecting on his past achievements.

He shared: ''I am not nostalgic at all. I never look back.

I will sit there and go, 'Yeah, that happened, and that happened and that was really good and that was really great and that was really fun,' and then I go, 'But wait 'til you see the next one.'

''I think that any artist should always think that their next album and their next song and their next show is gonna be the best one they ever did.

''If that's not your attitude, I don't know why you're out there.''

Alice has also insisted he still has plenty of good years ahead of him.

The veteran star told Billboard: ''I'm a healthy young man at 71.''

By contrast, Alice previously moaned that young bands are too ''safe''.

The iconic star wishes current artists were more adventurous with their look, sound, and lyrics.

He said: ''My pet peeve is that young bands are so introverted.

''They want to look like everyone in the mall. They don't want to scare anyone. They sing about things that are safe.

''Where's the swagger? Where's the sex? Rock stars are meant to get out there and shake their butt. You should think: man, this is fun.

''I will never be this age again. I look good, I sound good, the girls are crazy about me. I tell young bands: don't tell me about politics or pollution.

''Tell me about your girlfriend. Rock'n'roll is an attitude. It is as close to a biker band as anything. For our generation, that's what it was all about.''