Alice Cooper thinks Johnny Depp ''would rather play guitar than act''.

The 'Poison' hitmaker and the 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' star are in the rock supergroup The Hollywood Vampires - along with Aerosmith's Joe Perry - and Cooper gets the impression that Depp enjoys being on stage and rocking out more than playing a character on the big screen.

Although, he's told him ''not to lose the day job'' because he can't earn ''$25 million'' a show.

Praising the 56-year-old star's guitar playing and commitment, Cooper said: ''Johnny gets up there and plays his butt off.

''He's there for rehearsal before I get there.

''People are really surprised when they hear him play because they don't realise how good of a guitar player he is.

''I think he'd rather play guitar than act.

''I told him not to lose his day job, because we can't pay him $25 million a show, but I think he loves playing guitar and he loves being up on stage.''

The 71-year-old shock rocker also admitted that he himself feels ''a lot of freedom'' being in the band because he doesn't have to be the frontman all the time.

He said: ''It's kind of nice that I'm not always the frontman.

''I can move around and other people can take the lead.

''To me, that's a lot of freedom.''

The 'Feed My Frankenstein rocker - whose real name is Vincent Furnier - says it's also nice for him to not have to be in character in the Vampires.

He told Tommy Sommers of 'Three Sides Of The Coin': ''That band is great because I don't have to play Alice Cooper in that band.

''I'm the lead singer. Alice will never talk to the audience [during solo performances] until the very end of the show, whereas Alice in the Vampires talks to the audience all night. If we do a Doors song, I'll tell them a story about Jim Morrison. If we do a Who song, I'll tell them a story about Keith Moon.

''You have a wealth -- all those stories, and the audience wants to hear that.''