The remaining members of Alice In Chains are planning a summer (04) jam session to see if they can continue without late singer Layne Staley.

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell disbanded the group in 2002 after Staley died from a drug overdose, but now he's keen to get back together with bandmates Mike Inez and Sean Kinney to see if they can salvage anything from the passing of their frontman.

Cantrell says, "His death was a lot to get used to but I'm in a much different space now.

"We don't have any expectations. We're gonna get in a room, have a little fun and see what goes down. Anything's possible.

"I was kinda waiting to see if the Alice thing would ever materialise again but I really miss playing with those guys."

Meanwhile, busy Cantrell has recorded vocals for DAMAGEPLAN's upcoming THE PUNISHER movie theme song ASHES TO ASHES, and he has joined Dave Navarro's heavy rock supergroup Camp Freddy.

Cantrell is also planning to form his own hobby group with Camp Freddy pals Chad Smith and THE CULT star BILLY DUFFY.

11/02/2004 02:33