Alt-J have a Marmite fetish.

The indie group - made up of Joe Newman, Thom Green and Gus Unger-Hamilton - have confessed their deep love for the yeast extract product, with Gus admitting he especially likes it when it is put on female body parts.

Speaking to Spotify, he said: ''All of us have a bit of a Marmite fetish - on toast with butter or on a girl's breast.''

As well as being big Marmite fans, the group also admitted they have a penchant for avocados and Fruit Pastilles.

When asked what is on their rider, Gus replied: ''In the dressing room we have the normal stuff like beer, wine, crisps. We have Fruit Pastilles, coconut water...''

Thom added: ''Avocados ... but I haven't seen many of the Avocados?''

When they are not enjoying a nibble on a piece of Marmite-covered toast or chowing down on an avocado, the trio are busy making melancholic and mysterious music, but they have insisted they are not quite as dark as their music suggests.

Joes said: ''I think we've all got a good sense of humour. That's what you get with a lot of creatives, they have peaks and troughs. They often write about the things that make them most sombre, but in their time off they're actually quite happy.

''You also get comedians - their profession is being funny and in their own time they need heroin and a good cry.''