Actress Alyson Hannigan is desperately searching for great present ideas to mark her forthcoming 10th wedding anniversary after making her husband's childhood dreams come true by buying him a motorcycle last year (12).

The How I Met Your Mother star will celebrate the milestone with actor Alexis Denisof this October (13), but she fears she's already outdone herself and won't be able to top the set of wheels she purchased for their ninth anniversary.

She says, "I'm a little concerned because our ninth anniversary I sort of did a really great gift. For his whole life... he's always wanted a motorcycle... so I thought I'd just surprise him and get him a motorcycle...

"I went and picked it out, a Triumph, so I had it delivered while we were at breakfast and I blindfolded him... I pull into the driveway at the house and I take the blindfold off and the look on his face... I was like, 'Oh my god, it is gonna kill him because he's gonna have a heart attack!' because he was so shocked and so happy, but now I've blown it because now I don't know what to do for the 10th anniversary gift."

Hannigan and Denisof are parents to daughters Satyana, four, and Keeva, 11 months.