Amanda Holden has returned to work on a scooter following her leg injury.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge rolled up to work this morning (28.10.19) for her 'Heart Breakfast' show with co-host Jamie Theakston after recently undergoing an emergency operation to have a metal plate fitted in her fibula after she snapped the bone in two places while on an inflatable assault course with her daughter Hollie, seven, in the sea in Cyprus.

But despite the nasty break, she was determined to get back to work as soon as possible, and the presenter rested her broken leg on a scooter-like contraption that she wheeled around the radio studio in London's Leicester Square.

Amanda relived the moment she knew her leg had snapped as she told her co-host: ''I knew I had broken - I had never broken a single thing in my life and it felt like a shift. I mean I've pulled tendons and things before and it felt a little bit like that but worse.

''In the leg - I felt sick and so I swam back one legged, swearing under my breath, obviously 'cause there were children present, trying to wave at Chris who was soaking up the sun.''

Meanwhile, she admitted the recovery isn't easy for her because she ''hates sitting still''.

She added: ''I had to have a general 'cause they put in a metal plate which is the best way to cure it apparently and heal quickly. Because I'm very impatient and I hate sitting still.

''But the cast, there's a cast that they moulded to just under my leg, so I can kind of lift my leg in and out of it, 'cause the dressing and stuff has to be changed. So it's hard underneath but soft on the top.''