Amber Valletta likes to experiment with her style because she thinks the outcome can be ''very sexy''.

The 43-year-old model embarked on a career in the fashion industry aged 18 years old, and the star has revealed she likes to ''play with different vibes'' when she is getting dressed because she thinks the ''unexpected'' result of an unusual outfit can actually look more appealing than an ensemble that co-ordinates.

Speaking about her fashion sense to Stylist magazine, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''I like to mix clothes and play with different vibes. The unexpected can be very sexy.''

And Amber has described her style as ''eclectic, rock 'n' roll and simple''.

Speaking about her style and who she draws inspiration from, she said: ''Eclectic, rock 'n' roll and simple. My style icons are Jean Seberg, Brigitte Bardot and Kim Basinger from '9 1/2 Weeks'.''

The 'Hitch' actress has recently been announced as the new face of Mango, which sees her star in the brand's Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign, and the style icon has revealed her favourite garments from the upcoming collection are the ''baggy pants and dresses''.

Speaking about the capsule and her partnership with the high street brand, she said: ''I love the baggy pants and dresses.''

And the fashion muse has revealed a ''sexy sun dress'', as well as a statement pair of earrings and suncream are her summer essentials.

Speaking about the top three items she cannot go without when she is jetting across the globe over the summer months, she said: ''I'm going to say sunscreen, a sexy sun dress and a great pair of earrings''.

Meanwhile Amber tries to set a good example to her brood as she encourages her 16-year-old son Auden McCaw - who she has with her husband Christian - to respect all women.

Speaking about her parenting duties, she said: ''I lead by example and make sure he respects all women. I want him to know himself and to be kind to all people.''