The singer was a competitor on the 2014 series of the programme, and finished in the top 24 of the competition. Now Simeon is claiming his time on the show led to him suffering irreparable hearing damage which has affected his music career.

According to, Simeon claims that he suffered "immediate, excruciating pain" when he was fitted with an earpiece on the show. He pleaded with the programme's audiologist to remove it, at which point he alleges she did so with "such ferocity that it took out a portion of his eardrum".

Simeon claims he was then left writhing in pain, and producers just sent him to a room where he simply sat for five hours.

Following the apparent incident, Simeon has since undergone tympanoplasty - surgical treatment to reconstruct the eardrum - but claims he hasn't performed at the same level since the alleged injury occurred.

Simeon reportedly doesn't state in the legal action how much money he is seeking in damages.