The singer, who competed on season eight of the hit U.S. talent show, had previously written off plans for fatherhood after struggling with kidney failure for the second time in his life, following a kidney transplant at the age of 22.

However, doctors found a suitable match in June (15) and he subsequently underwent a successful transplant.

Now his wife, Christina, is pregnant with their first child and the 30-year-old dad-to-be, who was born deaf, can't believe his parenting dreams are coming true.

"It's crazy," MACIntyre tells "It was not possible for us to have a baby while I was in kidney failure, so my donor not only gave me the gift of life but also allowed us to create a new life."

The couple has already settled on a name for the kid, even though they have no idea of the child's sex.

"We have had thoughts about what each would be like - to have both a boy and a girl - but we are grateful to have whatever God blesses us with," MACIntyre adds.

"Now that I have my transplant and have my health back, I'm so looking forward to this new chapter with Christina and our baby."