The American Idol winner was travelling from Tennessee to Alabama when one of the engines on his private plane shut down.

"I'm asleep in the co-pilot chair and I wake up to this muttering sound and I knew that the pilot was going to descend," he told TMZ. "And as soon as we descended to about 7,000 feet, two of the pistons blew, oil went everywhere and the engine stopped and the rotor blade stopped in midair."

The 40-year-old felt powerless, and credits the pilot for saving their lives.

"I looked over and I just thought to myself, 'What can you do?'" he said. "You're absolutely helpless in this situation because, you know, we lost a complete engine. Luckily, I was on a twin-engine private aircraft.

"I just felt like my life and all of our lives kind of flashed before our eyes a little bit. And we were just very thankful and very blessed that we had a wonderful, graceful, amazing pilot that was able to handle this situation... It was literally unbelievable how he sat that plane down from going from two engines to one engine."

"I couldn't believe it," he continued. "It was literally something out of a movie."