Amy Adams says playing a dishevelled character in 'Sharp Objects' was a ''freeing'' experience.

The 43-year-old actress adopted a less-than-glamorous look for her role in the new HBO miniseries, but Amy - whose on-screen is seen sporting greasy hair and hardly any make-up - has revealed she relished the opportunity.

Speaking about the new psychological thriller - which is based on author Gillian Flynn's debut novel of the same name - Amy shared: ''It's freeing 'cause that's what I look like. Everyone is like, 'You really let them make you look bad?' It's like, 'Yes, I let them do that to me.' ''

Amy plays the part of Camille Preaker, a reporter who was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital, in the miniseries.

The Hollywood star loved shooting her scenes because the character is so distinct from anything she's previously done, while she's also a huge fan of Flynn's work.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It was such a different character than I played before. Also, the team of women working [on it], it was very exciting to me; it was something that was very compelling. I love Gillian Flynn. They keep writing these amazing roles for women on television - the complicated antihero, not the person who is normally celebrated or the women we pay attention to.''

Meanwhile, Amy previously revealed she would have rejected the chance to star in 'Sharp Objects' earlier in her career, because she feared people would've assumed she was ''crazy''.

But the actress has learnt to embrace the plot's ''darkness'' and not let it affect her personal life.

She said: ''There's just so much truth in the darkness and the sadness and I'm willing to explore it now in a different way.

''Before, I thought people wouldn't like me or they would think I was crazy. Now I know I can navigate my own personal darkness and it won't consume me.''