Amy Poehler loved ordering her friends around when they made 'Wine Country'.

The 48-year-old actress stars opposite pals including Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph in the Netflix movie, which is loosely based on one of their real-life vacations, and, as she also directed the film, she enjoyed getting to tell them all what to do.

Admitting she keeps being asked if she finds it difficult to direct her friends, Amy laughed: ''I tell them, 'No, I love telling my friends where to stand and what to say!' ''

And Amy - who has sons Archie, 10, and Abel, eight, with ex-husband Will Arnett - admitted all the characters are ''distorted'' versions of the actresses' real life personalities.

She told Sunday Times Style magazine: ''We all play distorted semi-versions of ourselves. I definitely would be the one on the trip that would be telling everybody what to do and overplanning it.

''I mean, I was the one who was, like, 'We should make this a movie', and then I made it a movie. So it's very meta.''

Amy, Tina and Maya met when they worked on 'Saturday Night Live' and their friendship thrived, despite how tough it could be working on the show.

She said: ''The closest thing to feeling like an athlete for me would be working at 'SNL'. [It was a] very high-pressure environment.''

The film's cast recently praised the former 'Parks and Recreation' star's organisational skills but admitted they didn't make it easy for her directing the comedy.

Emily Spivey said: ''She had her work cut out for her with having to wrangle us because we're always doing bits and chatter and talking. She's really like a good mama bear.''