Amy Poehler is ''a little old school'' when it comes to parenting.

The 45-year-old actress has two sons, eight-year-old Archie and six-year-old Abel, with her ex-husband Will Arnett, and has said that whilst she wouldn't consider herself an overly ''tough'' parent, she does make sure she's ''the boss''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' about her parenting technique, Amy said: ''Not too tough, but tough enough. I might be a little old school. I'm not very indulgent. I think children are given a lot of leeway and a lot of license to feel a lot of feelings and say what they want. That doesn't really happen in my home so much. Everybody, I'm the boss.''

Amy made the comments as she spoke to the publication on Monday (26.06.17) at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie 'The House', in which she plays the wife of fellow star Will Ferrell, who seemingly has a very different approach to parenting.

When asked about his own parenting skills, the 49-year-old actor - who has three sons, 13-year-old Mangus, 10-year-old Mattias, and seven-year-old Axel with his wife Viveca Paulin - said: ''I'm pretty lax, but then all of the sudden I go crazy, and they look at me like, 'Whoa, where did that come from?'

''I think it freaks them out a little bit, so they wouldn't say I'm the mean one, but on a chart, I'm not as mean as their mom. Their mom is always like, 'Put this away! Do that!' I'll be like, 'Yeah, don't worry about it.' Also I'm like, 'Hey! Watch it!'''

Meanwhile, former 'Parks and Recreation' actress Amy recently expressed her pride at being given as many funny moments in the upcoming Andrew J. Cohen-directed comedy, as she believes women have the right to be ''just as idiotic as men''.

She said: ''It was important for us to play characters that were a team, because oftentimes we find the husband has this great plan and and the wife is like, 'Come on you guys, stop having fun!'

''We wanted to make sure they're both idiots together because if there's one thing I will fight for it's for women to be just as idiotic as men.

''Their marriage is pretty strong because they're delighted by each other and they know each other's limitations which, in real life, is important in any good relationship.''