Amy Poehler wants to live in a commune with her female former 'Saturday Night Live' castmates.

The 47-year-old actress directs Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Tina Fey and Emily Spivey in 'Wine Country' - which is inspired by the group's real life vacations - and they have such a close friendship, they want to get old together.

Amy said of her commune dream: ''We will technically live longer than most of the men in our lives, knock on wood.''

Maya agreed: ''These ladies are gonna change my diapers''.

However, Maya joked she would opt out of the commune plan after Amy rented a house with bed bugs for their last group vacation.

Her pal admitted: ''Oh, my God, that's right!. Believe me, I will take that to my grave.''

However, the friends praised the former 'Parks and Recreation' star's organisational skills and admitted they didn't make it easy for her directing the Netflix comedy.

Emily said: ''She had her work cut out for her with having to wrangle us because we're always doing bits and chatter and talking. She's really like a good mama bear.''

The women have a group chat which they contribute to daily and regard their time on 'SNL' as being in the ''comedy army''.

Maya told America's Vanity Fair magazine: ''We all went through something so significant together. I always say S.N.L. was the comedy army.''

For Amy, she always enjoyed spending time in Maya's office because she found the 46-year-old star to be such a calming presence.

She said: ''So much of live performance is faking that you're not scared and Maya never seems scared - she always seems like she's having fun.''

But her pal admitted: ''I do have a very, almost dead-calm demeanour. Almost a little too calm. But that's not the show that's playing on the inside.''