When she began working on her new comedy Snatched, about a mother and daughter who are kidnapped while on holiday in Ecuador, Amy Schumer only had one person in mind to play her mother. "It was always Goldie Hawn," Schumer says. "As someone who has loved her my whole life, to have her want to work with me and be in scenes with her is amazing. I never even dreamed of something like that for myself."

Amy and Goldie star as mother and daughterAmy and Goldie star as mother and daughter

It was two years ago that Schumer first approached Hawn with the idea. She spotted her while they were on a flight together. "She was a couple rows ahead of me," Schumer says. "I just kinda creepily stared at her the whole flight." She finally got up the nerve to talk to her after the plane landed.

And Hawn quickly agreed to be in the film, her first movie in 15 years. "Amy's a funny, smart person who can also make you cry," Hawn says. "I don't care about doing something that doesn't stimulate me. But this is Amy! To be matched with someone so deeply instinctive, naturally funny and incredibly brilliant? It's a great coup. And after getting to know her, the way we work is similar, the way we think is similar and the way we party is similar."

Hawn feels that the movie is funnier because it's grounded in truth. "It's a relatable, nonstop action experience," she says. "There are no lulls in this movie. It's not boring. You want to see what happens next. You care about these people."

And she hopes it inspires mothers and daughters to connect with each other. "I would say to all mothers: be who you are, be a real person," Hawn says. "Don't always feel like you have to be a mother."

Schumer echoes this sentiment, noting that a mother is like your oldest best friend. "You're like, 'Oh my God, we have so much history together. She knows all of my history,'" she says. "No one's ever going to love you more."

That said, it's the film's more outrageous moments that will linger in the memory for audiences, including a quick gag in which Hawn spits what she thinks is whale semen all over Schumer's face. Schumer remembers a rather chilly reaction when she pitched that joke to Hawn, writer Kate Dippold and director Jonathan Levine. "They all just kind of stared at me," Schumer says. "Except for Goldie who went, 'That's funny.' Goldie and I had no disagreements about jokes!"

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