Amy Schumer has admitted she ''loves having sex'' with her husband Chris Fischer.

The 38-year-old comedian left her spouse - with whom she has nine-month-old son Gene Attell - a heartwarming Valentine's message on Instagram on Friday (14.02.20), in which she revealed a little too much detail about their relationship.

Sharing a photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, she wrote: ''Baby without you I'm nothing. I'm your ride or die. Anybody steps to you they'll get smacked. I love having sex with you too. It's about twice a week now which is pretty good.''

The 'I Feel Pretty' star also spilled some information on their anniversary plans, which they celebrated on Thursday (13.02.20), but their day didn't go to plan after Amy caught a bug from their baby boy.

She continued: ''Sorry I caught what our son had and had diarrhea on our anniversary and that I'm puking on valentines. Anyway you're my partner Philip (sic)''

Amy first wished the 40-year-old chef a happy anniversary on Instagram by sharing a picture of her beau fast asleep.

She captioned the post: ''It's my anniversary to marrying this guy. I'm really glad we got married.

''Our baby was sick and got his first fever this week and I cried hard and Chris was solid as a rock. Anyone else cry the first time their baby got sick?''

The couple exchanged vows in a surprise ceremony in Malibu back in 2018 in front of 80 guests, including Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, Larry David and David Spade.

However, it seems the couple wouldn't have been able to fully celebrate their anniversary anyway, as Amy's ex-boyfriend has been living with them.

She invited her former flame Kyle Dunnigan to her home as she didn't want to see him out on the streets while they were working on her upcoming Hulu show, so she offered to put him up at her New York apartment for a while.

Speaking on 'The Howard Stern Show' last month (22.01.20), Kyle, 49, said that he and Amy had a ''moment there'' but it was ''a while ago and it was brief.''

He added: ''I've been there [at her apartment] for a month and a half.''

Kyle even has his own room and bathroom and doesn't have to pay for the food.

He explained: ''She's been very cool. All the food is really good and free.''

And, despite their romantic history, Kyle doesn't find it awkward around Amy's husband as the pair actually get along really well and even play chess together.

He added: ''We bro out.''