The 48-year-old singer consistently delights fans with her musical talents, and is due to be hitting the road again in 2017 on the second leg of her Ultimate Collection tour.

And when it comes to what's lined up in the future, Anastacia admitted she would definitely consider releasing a record filled with her favourite holiday classics.

"I wouldn't rule a Christmas album out," she told the Official Charts Company. "I love Christmas and wouldn't rule out a song, on an album, that's put out at Christmas!

"A whole album seems like a lot of work, and then you could only sing it at Christmas. But if I did one or two songs on my next album which is coming out at Christmas, that could happen. Maybe a little Santa-stacia needs to come out!"

However, there is a lot of pressure involved in putting out a festive album, and Anastacia is unsure about how well it would be received. But she remains hopeful that fans would like hearing her take on other artists' songs, going by the success of her former covers album.

"I think there is so much pressure when doing something like that (a Christmas album)," she continued. "I did a covers album and loved it, and it was a super cool concept - It was like I was going back to a musical school that you could have never imagined you would go to."

Whatever Anastacia takes on next, she can be safe in the knowledge she will be supported by her devoted fans. In fact, she is so thankful for the love she gets from fans that she even calls them her "fan-ily".

"Fan-ily. 17 years in, that is me to the core. Other people call them like a combination of their name... like the Bey-hive (Beyonce's fans) or whatever, which is cool but for me, I can't believe all of these people that don't know who I am treat me as though I am a part of their family," she said.