Anastacia used to ''resent'' her mastectomy scars - but has now stripped off to show them for the first time.

The 48-year-old singer has undergone several treatments and surgeries as a result of fighting breast cancer twice, and despite admitting she used to feel bitter about having the marks on her body, she has posed naked to show she doesn't feel that way nowadays.

She said: ''I resented them - I resented how large they were but I also understood why I needed to go through all the physical changes.

''My scars are part of my journey and a reminder of all the things I went through with my mastectomy.

''At this point, I feel great to show them in a way that's artistic with a respected team in fashion because it's transformed my bodies faults into art.''

Anastacia was first diagnosed with the illness in 2003 aged 24 and again 10 years later, after which she took a career break for two years.

The 'Left Outside Alone' hitmaker admits she didn't expect the surgery marks to be so big and has been feeling ''nervous'' about people seeing them for the first time.

Speaking to Fault Magazine online, she added: ''The surgeons had to go around my tattoo; the scars really should have been on my bra line but to graft skin the surgeons needed to find a place that wasn't compromised. I wasn't expecting it to be as long but it was the only way.

''I'm nervous to let people see them, I really am, but I want to be able to go on the beach and not have the first photographs taken of my body to be ones that I didn't give.''