Music impresario SIR Andrew Lloyd Webber has taken the blame for The Sound Of Music star Connie Fisher's recent vocal injury. Fisher, who was cast in the role of MARIA after winning British TV talent show HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA? last year (06), recently (20MAR07) returned to the London stage show after taking two weeks off due to illness. And Lloyd Webber, who produces the show, admits Fisher's illness was essentially his fault. He says, "I blame myself - she had an injury to one of the muscles in her throat. "Connie made one mistake. She did 98 performances on the trot, eight shows a week. "Originally, we said she should do six and someone else would play the other tow and that's what for many years has been the standard practice in the West End. "Connie was so determined to prove that she was the people's Maria that she insisted on all eight. But we should have insisted that she do the six and we didn't."