Andrew Lloyd Webber has overtaken Paul McCartney in the list of Britain's richest music industry figures.

The Sunday Times rich list ranks the composer as second overall in the list with a fortune of £750 million, but the ex-Beatle is a place behind with £725 million.

Record industry tycoon Clive Calder is still Britain's only music billionaire with assets worth at least £1.3 billion, following the sale of independent label Zomba to BMG for the same amount.

The newspaper's 19th annual rich list, published in full this weekend, ranks the 1,000 richest people and families in the UK and the top 250 in Ireland. A minimum fortune of £70 million is required to get on the list this year  a new record.

Eight music groups' combined wealth makes up £2.75 billion on the list, with the fortunes of the surviving Beatles and the estate of George Harrison worth £1 billion alone.

The Rolling Stones' four members are worth £570 million, with Pink Floyd (£85 million) and Queen (£70 million) further down in the money stakes.

Britain's music elite

1 Clive Calder £1.3 billion
2 Andrew Lloyd Webber £750 million
3 Sir Paul McCartney £725 million
4 Simon Fuller £450 million
4 Sir Cameron Mackintosh £450 million
6 Madonna and Guy Ritchie £275 million
7 Sir Elton John £225 million
8 Sir Mick Jagger £215 million
9 Robert Stigwood £212 million
10 Sir Tom Jones £190 million
10 Keith Richards £190 million

27/04/2007 13:52:07