Actor Andy Garcia believes everybody wants to see a GODFATHER 4 movie - except Paramount Pictures.

The star - who played VINNY CORLEONE in 1990's The Godfather: PART III - reckons the movie studio are the only ones in the way of a fourth installment of the Mafioso drama.

He says, "The irony and fascination for me is that - with all the movies Paramount takes risks on each year - they have this franchise people are desperate to see and they won't green-light it.

"(When I was shooting Godfather III), there were already things Mario Puzo and FRANCIS COPPOLA had worked out for a fourth film. It would be about SONNY CORLEONE in his 20s, because that was Mario's favourite character."

And Garcia has got some ideas on who he'd like to see cast in the movie, too.

He adds, "I suggested LEONARDO DiCAPRIO to Francis, who says he's very interested, but Paramount would have to hire (Coppola) simply as a director and writer."

OCEAN'S ELEVEN star Garcia explains there would be a parallel story focusing on his character, so the flick would take place concurrently in two eras.

He says, "On one side of the movie, you'd have a young demographic, which Hollywood is looking for, and then there's the other side with older actors.

"It seems the concept appeals to everyone except the executives at Paramount Pictures."