Angelina Jolie has reportedly tried to ''mend the rift'' between her ex-husband Brad Pitt and their son Maddox after they allegedly got into an argument back in 2016.

The 'Ad Astra' star hasn't spoken to his son since the alleged row on board a private flight to Los Angeles, California, three years ago and, although the 44-year-old actress - who filed for divorce from Brad shortly after the incident - has tried hard to bring the pair back together, the 18-year-old student doesn't want to know.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: ''Maddox hasn't been receptive.

''And for Brad, it's a tremendous loss.''

Maddox's younger brother Pax, 15, has also distanced himself from Brad over the past three years, but the 55-year-old actor is hopeful he can rebuild their relationship now that his eldest son is away at university in South Korea.

An insider explained: ''With Maddox overseas, Brad is also hopeful that Pax will also be interested in reconnecting without the influence of his older brother.''

However, although he doesn't see Maddox and Pax, Brad still spends time with his other children Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, Vivienne, 11, and Knox, 11.

The feud between Brad and Maddox became apparent a few months ago when the Hollywood hunk was noticeably absent when Angelina was spotted dropping him off at university - but that's because he apparently wasn't invited.

A source said at the time: ''Brad hasn't been spending much time with Maddox lately. Brad won't be going [to Maddox's first day at university].''

However, the 'Fury' star reportedly only found out about his son's university plans just before the news was leaked to the media the month before he started.

The source added: ''Maddox doesn't really see himself as Brad's son.''