Anna Kournikova remains one of the most famous tennis players of the last 15 years, despite the fact that she never won a Women's Tour Association singles title or topped the world rankings. The reason for her fame and long lasting legacy is that she went down in the eyes of many as one of the most attractive female players to ever grace the gain, earning a series of glittering model contracts and even appearing in the pop video for Enrique Iglesias' 'Escape' released in 2001. Never fulfilling her potential thanks to the demands of being a media celebrity, she eventually quit the game aged just 22.
So why is this relevant? Because underachievement is a scenario that could face British diver Tom Daley according to the UK performance director Alexei Evangulov who has been worrying about the amount of media and publicity work the 17 year-old's been undertaking in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield could only manage seventh in a recent World Cup event and Evangulov used Kournikova as a direct comparison, stating to the UK's Daily Mail "It reminds me of the situation in Russia with Kournikova," continuing "She looked pretty and made a promising start to her career but the media exposure meant she never got to be the best. She is still in the celebrity news but she never achieved her full potential," adding "I am angry because nobody will listen to me."
However the prodigious Daley hit back following his performance and claimed "I know I've been putting in all the hours I can, all the training without my body breaking. Obviously the preparations haven't been great. My thumb was injured in December and through to January. Pete has had a few problems, too. It's just one of those things."